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The Highland Ball

"Charles entered Edinburgh, and that night a Ball in the ancient Palace of Holyrood celebrated the return of the Stuart to the Scottish Capital."

Lads & Lasses!

The Standard of Scotland was planted and the call gone out to all brave and loyal Scots. Give a shout, raise the Clans, put on your white cockade and rally 'round your hosts the Bonnie Prince and Miss Flora Macdonald for We Make History's annual Scottish Highland Ball!

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Mesa, Arizona


Photos will be posted soon!


White Cockade?

Legend has it that when the Bonnie Prince stepped on the shore of Scotland in 1745 that he picked a white rose and pinned it to his hat. A white flower, ribbon, bow or cockade pinned to the hat or breast became a symbol of Scottish pride, support for the royal House of Stewart and resistance against the English. Thirty years later, during the American Revolution, many Americans imitated the Scots and took up the white cockade as a symbol of America's fight for liberty. A popular marching/dancing song developed by the name of "The White Cockade" and is featured on this site.